Effective January 1, 2024, El Paso County Emergency Services District No. 1 – Fire Marshal’s Office requires an in-person meeting/appointment for Plan Review Intake via our ESD email address group [ inspecectionrequest@epcesd1.com ]

El Paso County Emergency Services District #1

Fire Prevention Division

The El Paso County Emergency Services District (E.S.D.) #1 – Fire Marshal’s Office (FMO) strives on the goal of minimizing the risk of life & property loss from fire. By enforcing an adopted fire code (International Fire Code [IFC], 2021 ed.) & related standards, so hazardous conditions can be eliminated or controlled before a fire occurs.

Our Mission

Fire Prevention within our community.

It is our responsibility to work with the community in providing fire safety inspections, attend meetings with business owners & contractors, and handle any requests and/or complaints from the public. We are here for your assistance and as a resource to the community. If you feel that your building, business or operation requires our attention, or if you are unsure and wish to request an inspection, you may call (915) 852-3204 or fill out an online inspection request form and send via e-mail. A fire inspector will be sent to conduct an inspection, answer any questions you may have, and make suggestions/recommendations for fire safety related items. Please be advised that there is a fee involved when requesting an inspector to conduct any fire-related business. Please refer to the El Paso County E.S.D. #1 fee schedule on our web page.

Texas Certified Fire Inspectors

InspectorTitlePhone #Email
Frank GuillenFire Marshal915-256-3375fguillen@epcesd1.com
Mike FrancoAssistant Fire Marshal915-852-3204mfranco@epcesd1.com
Ray RodriguezDeputy Fire Marshal915-852-3204jrodriguez@epcesd1.com
Anastacio MorenoDeputy Fire Marshal915-852-3204amoreno@epcesd1.com
Sam VillarrealDeputy Fire Marshal915-852-3204svillarreal@epcesd1.com
Joe HernandezDeputy Fire Marshal915-852-3204jhernandez@epcesd1.com
Mitchell MarquezDeputy Fire Marshal915-852-3204mmarquez@epcesd1.com

Contact Information

In the Event of an Emergency - Call 911