Frank Guillen

E.S.D. #1 Fire Marshal

Frank Guillen has an impressive record of success, knowledge, skills, and experience in providing solutions to any fire related situation. His number one goal is to gain the respect, trust, and confidence of the customer. He has 27 years of experience in the fire service and 39 years of experience in customer service.

Fire Service History:

  • Retired from the City of El Paso Fire Department after 26.5 years of service.
  • Currently Appointed Fire Marshal for El Paso County E.S.D. #1 for the last 9 years.

Primary Duties

  • Lead the El Paso County Emergency Services District #1 — Fire Marshal’s Office in performing fire inspections; plan review; and fire system final acceptance tests.
  • Inspect interiors and exteriors of residential (when required by the State of Texas),commercial, industrial, and other buildings to detect fire hazards; efficiency of fire protective equipment; and adequacy of fire escapes and exits.
  • Inform and discuss conditions of building storage and equipment with owner or manager and make recommendations regarding unsafe conditions.
  • Issue official notices for fire code violations and work with the community, building/business owner(s), or manager in correcting such violations.
  • Assist/conduct fire prevention programs and public education at public buildings; commercial businesses for employees, and school fire drills for school districts.
  • Review, monitor; and verify code-compliance for the final building occupancy for all new
    construction and fire protection systems in El Paso County of E.S.D. #1’s jurisdiction.
  • Ensure compliance with all adopted fire code requirements and NFPA standards; provide technical assistance to architects, designers, contractors, and fire department personnel.


  • To reduce the number of fire incidents and casualties within the community.
  • To educate the community and gain their understanding on fire safety practices.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To continue expanding my knowledge, abilities, and education in the fire service.

Fire Marshal's Office Staff

Mike Franco - Assistant Fire Marshal
Mike Franco
Assistant Fire Marshal
Anastacio Moreno - Deputy Fire Marshal
Anastacio Moreno
Deputy Fire Marshal
Sam Villarreal - Deputy Fire Marshal
Sam Villarreal
Deputy Fire Marshal
Ray Rodriguez - Deputy Fire Marshal
Ray Rodriguez
Deputy Fire Marshal
Raul Hernandez - Deputy Fire Marshal
Raul Hernandez
Deputy Fire Marshal
Diana Ramos - Administrative Assistant
Diana Ramos
Administrative Assistant

Contact Information

In the Event of an Emergency - Call 911