Daniel Ames - Assistant Fire Chief
Daniel Ames
Assistant Fire Chief
Alfredo Aguilar - Captain
Alfredo Aguilar
Brandon Kovach - Captain
Brandon Kovach
Jordan Adams - Lieutenant
Jordan Adams
Jay Cease - Lieutenant
Jay Cease
Albert Dominguez - Lieutenant
Albert Dominguez
Sergio Gonzalez - Lieutenant
Sergio Gonzalez
Larry Puentes - Lieutenant
Larry Puentes


Alan Argueta -
Alan Argueta
Bobby Bautista -
Bobby Bautista
Carlos Chaparro -
Carlos Chaparro
Alfonso De Matias -
Alfonso De Matias
Israel Gines -
Israel Gines
Matthhew Larson -
Matthhew Larson
Luis Loya -
Luis Loya
Victor Lucero -
Victor Lucero
Benjamin Manriquez -
Benjamin Manriquez
Aaron Medina -
Aaron Medina
Saul Mendoza -
Saul Mendoza
Ruben Ortega -
Ruben Ortega
Aaron Sandoval -
Aaron Sandoval
Alberto Torres -
Alberto Torres


Valerie Alva -
Valerie Alva
Eric Berumen -
Eric Berumen
Miguel Candelaria -
Miguel Candelaria
Victor Candelaria Jr -
Victor Candelaria Jr
Dorian Cease -
Dorian Cease
Stephanie Co-Espinoza -
Stephanie Co-Espinoza
Eric Curiel -
Eric Curiel
Oscar Garcia -
Oscar Garcia
Robert Jaime -
Robert Jaime
Gabriel Loya -
Gabriel Loya
Bryan Lozoya -
Bryan Lozoya
Michael Martinez -
Michael Martinez
Julio Mendoza -
Julio Mendoza
George Morales -
George Morales
Jacqueline Morales -
Jacqueline Morales
Raul Montejano -
Raul Montejano
Nicholas Munoz -
Nicholas Munoz
Oscar Pina -
Oscar Pina
Eric Ponce -
Eric Ponce
Adolfo Porzio -
Adolfo Porzio
Leonardo Reyes -
Leonardo Reyes
Xindey Salvosa -
Xindey Salvosa
Genesis Villasana -
Genesis Villasana
Contact Information

In the Event of an Emergency - Call 911