Pierce Quantum Tiller

The Pierce Tiller we are purchasing is a truck in which a firefighter at the back is able to steer the rear wheels, enabling the vehicle to make a sharper turn than it would otherwise be able to navigate. It is a 60 ft long with the capacity to expand its ladder up to 107 ft and with the ability to hold 300 gallons of water. It will also be equipped with fire hose and special rescue equipment. As our community has grown, we have seen a need expand our fleet to better serve the area. The tiller will allow us also to better navigate some of the tighter streets throughout the community and capable of carrying a large amount of equipment.

Expected Completion: March 2023

Pierce Quantum Pumper

The Pierce Pumper will hold 500 gallons of water with compressed air foam capabilities (CAFS). With our current pumper being 6 years old and our oldest pumper being 20 years old. The time to replace the older unit in our fleet has come. The new unit will be housed at Station 2 and will improve the response capabilities for the area.

Expected Completion: March 2023

Chevy 3500

The Rescue unit is a quick response vehicle that will have medical capabilities for both BLS and ALS, with some fire equipment. With another rescue in the fleet used for medical calls it will assist with the increased demand of calls within our district. With this purchase we also minimize the wear and tear on our larger trucks and fuel consumption as fuel costs have gone up.  

Expected Completion: December 2022

Contact Information

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